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How much money can I earn for evaluating the latest news?

Earn money online on our site without any investments. You read the news and evaluate it, for each you receive $ 5.5. Every day you need to evaluate more than 30 news items, your income will be more than $ 165. Your task is to read the news and evaluate it: “recommend” or “do not recommend”.

How can I withdraw money for evaluating the latest news?

You can get money for evaluating the latest news within 1 day after accumulating the minimum amount. At the moment, the minimum amount is $ 1155. Usually its accumulation takes 7 days. Do not forget to specify the payment system for receiving money.

How does an affiliate program work?

The site constantly needs new readers from different regions of the world, so an affiliate program has been introduced on the site. The conditions are simple and highly paid! Share your affiliate link on Facebook and get $ 55 for each person invited to the site.

I get good money for evaluating the latest news! What am I being paid for?

We receive money from the media and are ready to pay our readers to analyze the latest news in the following news sections: business, science and technology, entertainment, sports, health.

What needs to be done to start evaluating the latest news and getting paid for it?

To start making money online on our website:
You must make a decision and register.
You should familiarize yourself with the "About Us" section and other sections of the site.
Then go to the "Read News" section and get started.

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