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How soon will I get the money?

You can get the money at any time except Sunday off. The minimum amount to be paid is $567. Usually users receive this amount within 5-9 days. You do not have to wait any longer – all payments are made online automatically.

What is my task?

It is simple - read the news feed carefully, answer four questions and determine which news should “fly up” and choose up or not up. Next, our algorithm will do everything. Your opinion does not have to be “true”, answer as you think!

How stable is the job?

The work is stable, as every day it is possible to determine the rating of more than 20 news. Your daily income will be over $ 81. Accordingly, the weekly income will be $ 567.

What news can I read?

Do you understand the latest sports news? Will you be able to determine which news users will like? Do you want to become a content manager of our website? Are you ready to earn up to $81 every day without investments? If you are sure of the answer to the last four questions – you are exactly the one we need!

What do I need to do?

More than 27 latest sports news are added to our website every day. According to the latest sports news, you will need to answer 4 questions, as well as give an assessment of "up" or "not up". This is necessary for our intelligent news feed, which we are constantly improving. You will receive $2.7 dollars for 1 unit of news. Your income can be more than $81.

How does news output work?

The program analyzes your answers and the answers of our other users, the data is compared. Data analysis with 99% accuracy determines the top sports news events. These latest news are the most interesting and deserve the attention of other readers!

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